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Izzo's home grown pecans

2018 Pecan Pricing Information

To place your pecan order, please email [email protected] 
or call Brigitte at 832-483-1182.

Fresh, in-shell pecans

Full-size kernels

Seasoned pecans, chocolate covered, candied or sea salt roasted

Fresh, broken pieces for baking/cooking

Pricing does not include tax or shipping costs.
We planted our first twenty-five pecans in 2006 and expanded from there to where we today have almost 300 irrigated pecan trees.  Of course this certainly fills up a big part of a massive open space and also provides more cover than was ever there before.  That is good for wildlife and it gives us a measure of commercial visability. 

Growing pecans to its highest standards is an all year round process, with plenty challenges, pruning, proper pest control and fertilizer applications, as well water sources and ground maintenence. 

Mid September  or earlier the husk of Pawnee nuts burst open, followed by Caddo, Kanza, with Nacono and Oconee stretching  the harvest into October. 

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