Fall Calls for a Trip to Our Local Pecan Orchard

We harvest pecans in Cameron, TX starting in September

When the air is crisp and the skies are clear, come to Izzo Pecan Farm in Cameron, TX to see the results of the pecan harvest. Our local pecan orchard features over 300 trees, which supply the main ingredient for our candied pecans, pecan pies and other seasonal treats.

We start the local pecan picking process in September by...

  • Shaking the pecans off the trees with specialty machinery
  • Drying out the pecans and cracking the shells open
  • Separating the good nuts from rotten ones

After pecan picking comes the fun part: creating tasty treats for customers in Cameron, TX and nationwide. Call 832-483-1182 now to learn more.

Our farm store is now open!

Our farm store is now open!

Stop by our boutique store to pick up...

  • Whole pecans
  • Custom pecan pies
  • Candied, chocolate-covered, sea salt and spicy pecans

We also sell specialty packages during the holidays. Visit our pecan orchard today to purchase a treat for yourself or a gift for a loved one.